Single ply roofing membranes have grown in popularity in recent years due to the membrane flexibility, ease of installation, competitive price, and multiple product offers such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM membranes. Single ply roofing is composed of a single layered roof membrane that is made of reinforced thermoplastic or thermos set materials in the rubber and plastic families. The membranes are known for their long-term weathering ability and light-colored, reflective roof surfaces that offer building occupants a significant reduction in energy use. The leading two single ply systems in use in California are PVC and TPO, which are under the thermoplastic single ply membranes category.

PVC - PVC membranes are manufactured from a combination of PVC resin, stabilizers, pigments, fillers, plasticizers, biocides, and various processing aids. Unlike TPO membranes, which require additives to increase fire resistance, PVC membranes are naturally fire retardant.

TPO - “TPO polymers are blends or alloys of polypropylene plastic or polyprolylene and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber (EPDM),” SPRI reports. TPO can be installed in a multitude of ways and with the introduction of peel-and-stick products and installation time can be reduced significantly. Like PVC, TPO remains hot-air weldable throughout its service life, simplifying repairs and maintenance.

Installation - Both PVC and TPO can be installed and applied in the same fashion. Options include, depending on the project, mechanically fastened and fully adhered. Mechanically fastened systems are simply mechanically screwed down and heat welded at the seams for a waterproof system. Mechanically fastened systems are the most cost effective. Fully adhered systems come in to use with high wind areas and have much stronger wind ratings. Also, fully adhered systems are great with non-wood deck buildings such as concrete decks. Fully adhered systems are not the most economical and can cost more than mechanical systems.

Warranties single ply roofing systems - Reno’s Roofing sets a higher standard of warranties for single ply roofing systems. All materials come with a standard material warranty which is provided by the manufacturer. All single ply roofs come with a labor and craftsmanship warranty for a minimum of 10 years from Reno’s Roofing. For the customer who is looking for the very best of warranties, a No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty is also available from the manufacturer in partnership with Reno’s Roofing for a complete roofing system warranty of 20 years and more. Please visit the Warranties section on the home page for more detailed information.