Phase 1 – Inspection and estimating process.

  1. Customer contacts Reno’s Roofing.
  2. The customer’s address, questions, needs, wants and information are taken down.
  3. An appointment is set with the correct representative.
  4. At the appointment on site, the customer’s needs are assessed, options are discussed and solutions are found.
  5. A proposal is given via verbal/proposal sheet or emailed.

Phase 2 – Moving forward planning project process

  1. Customer signs the proposal wanting to move forward with the project.
  2. A pre-inspection is set to measure the roof and go over the scope of work with the customer.
  3. A start date is set with the customer.
  4. The week before the job, the customer is called to confirm the start date and permits are pulled by Reno’s Roofing.

Phase 3 – Installation process

  1. Day 1­ - First payment is received, the roof is removed and materials are delivered.
  2. Day 2 - Damaged wood is replaced. City inspector meets with Reno’s Roofing representative in order to pass decking.
  3. Day 3 – Installation of the complete roofing system usually occurs. (Please note: days of installation will vary based on the scope of the job)
  4. The day of completion, extra charges such as wood, permits, and additional roof layers removed are invoiced to the customer.
  5. After completion, final inspection is set with the city inspector.

Phase 4 – Finishing project process

  1. After the job is passed by city inspection and Reno’s Roofing inspection, a final invoice is sent and all payments are collected.
  2. Customer is issued a roof certification warranty from Reno’s Roofing.