Considered the most popular roofing system in North America, modified Bitumen roofing is an asphalt-based product designed for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roof structures. Modified Bitumen roof systems can be installed by heat-welding, hot-asphalt, and cold-process adhesives. A white reflective Energy Star Title 24 option is also available along with regular colors.

BITUMEN ROOF ADVANTAGES - There are several different advantages to using a bitumen roof on your building or home. Unlike some newer types of roofing, it has a long, proven track record that can be counted on. Bitumen roofs are one of the longer lasting types of flat roofing materials, easily lasting 20 years or more.

Regardless of how the material is applied (self-adhesive sheets, hot-mopped asphalt, or cold-applied adhesives) the seams are usually melted together which help stop leaks. Other types of membrane roofing have seams that are left open or covered with another material that can weaken over time, so the fact that a Bitumen roof can be seamless is a big advantage.

BITUMEN ROOF IS ALSO VERY DURABLE - They have a high-tensile strength so they are unlikely to develop the kinds of cracks that other flat and membrane roofs are known for. They are also rated against wind, fire, and hail so they are unlikely to be damaged in the event of a storm. Included in this is usually a very long manufacturer’s warranty that can help to guarantee the roof’s longevity.

APPLICATION - Application is done with installation of a base sheet of underlayment using nails over wood decks. Then the modified Bitumen is applied using any option of heat-welding, hot-asphalt, or cold-process adhesives.

SINGLE VERSUS DOUBLE SYSTEM - Single layer application is most commonly used. A double layer application consists of adding a second layer of modified Bitumen to the original. A double layer is a much more durable system and comes with higher warranties.


WARRANTIES ON MODIFIED BITUMEN ROOFING SYSTEMS - Reno’s Roofing sets a higher standard of warranties for modified Bitumen. All materials come with a standard material warranty which is provided by the manufacturer. Single modified Bitumen roofing systems come with a 5-year labor and craftsmanship warranty. A double modified Bitumen roofing system comes with a 10-year labor and craftsmanship warranty from Reno’s Roofing.