Reno’s Roofing sets a high standard for roof repairs. Repairs, when done correctly, can and will extend the service life of the whole roofing system. Having the experience and expertise in how to repair the leaking area can vary from roofer to roofer. Reno’s Roofing repairs always come with a warranty. In some situations, the roofing system has clearly lived out its service life and therefore repairs are not the correct option, only a new roofing system is. In situations such as these, Reno’s Roofing will not do repairs even upon customer request as it is not the correct application. Listed below are the most common repairs performed:

Shingle roofing - Shingle roofs tend to last 20-35 years but can start to leak in an area much sooner. The typical shingle roof leak will be around a pipe, chimney or valley area with the most exposure to water during rain. The most common repair is to use a premium roofing sealant and seal the areas. In some cases wind can also lift and blow away shingles. The missing and cracked shingles can be replaced with new ones as well. Ridge shingles, which are installed on the top where two hips meet, can prematurely fail and is a very common repair. Ridge shingles tend to last half the life of the roof. Replacing old ridge caps with new ones is also a very common repair. All shingle repairs come with a warranty, please see below.

Flat roofing- Flat roofs tend to last 10-20 years depending on the roofing system used. Flat roofs do have a much higher chance of leaking versus pitched roofs because the water can sit and pond on them. Flat roof repairs are very common especially on large buildings. The leaks tend to always come from loose membrane seams, scupper drains, pipes, vents, HVAC platform corners or air ducts. The correct application of roofing sealant and a roofing system such as silicone coating or modified bitumen in and around the leaking area will fix the leak. All flat roof repairs come with a warranty, please see below.

Tile roofing- Tiles have a lifetime warranty and can last up to 50 years. This does not mean a tile roof will not have leaks. The underlayment and metal flashing used in termination points is the main waterproofing system on tile. The underlayment can have tears or cracks that can lead to leakage during rains. Also the flashing can be loose or need to be sealed to prevent leaks. With tile roof repairs it is best to remove tile in and around the leaking area, usually 100 square feet, and replace the underlayment with a new one. Next the flashing is replaced or sealed as needed and the tile set back over the area. The old tile can be used and any broken or missing tile is replaced. All tile roof repairs come with a warranty, please see below.

Metal roofing- Metal roofing systems can last a lifetime with little to no leaks. Both standing seam and stone coated metal roofing systems can be repaired. Repairs can be as simple as using premium roofing sealant around the leak or having to replace some metal in the area. Metal roofing repairs applications are very similar to tile roofing repairs. All metal roof repairs come with a warranty, please see below

Warranties on repairs- Reno’s Roofing standard warranty for repairs is a 2-year service call warranty. A service call warranty is a onetime call, where in which if the leak continues we will come out and service it again for 2 years. In most cases, the leak will be repaired on the first try. If the first repair does not work we will come out and repair it until it does work. Reno’s Roofing will not do any repairs if it cannot be repaired and if a warranty cannot be issued on.