ESTIMATES - Estimates are the first step in finding a contractor for a project. Reno’s Roofing offers estimates with no charge to customers who own their property. Estimates can be given as easily as over the phone or on site with a written evaluation. Once a proposal has been given in writing to the customer, it is then up to the customer to sign the proposal and move forward.

INSPECTION REPORTS - Not to be confused with estimates, an inspection report is a full report on the current condition of the roof, complete with pictures and the costs to extent service life. Usually inspection reports are needed for customers looking to buy a new property. Inspection reports are a great tool for customers and realtors to negotiate the price in escrow. All inspection reports come with a fee depending on the size of the property.

ROOF CERTIFICATIONS - Roof certifications can vary from 2 –10 years in length. All repairs and new roof projects come with a roof certification from Reno’s Roofing for no additional charge. Certain banks require a roofer to certify the current roof in escrow to issue the loan. In a situation such as this, Reno’s Roofing will check the roof to verify its current condition. If the condition meets Reno’s Roofing standards, the certification will be issued with a fee depending on the size and number of years needed for the certification. If a roof is in need of repair based on the certification, the customer has to pay for the repairs before a certification can be given. Also, if the roof is in poor condition Reno’s Roofing will not issue any certification.