Reno’s Roofing offers a selection of different roof maintenance programs. When it comes to roofing, most of the time maintenance is avoided all together but all roofing systems need periodic maintenance, usually every 2-5 years of maintenance is required. By doing the correct maintenance, the roofing system will last or even outlast its service life. Doing a maintenance service includes the following:


  • CLEANING ALL DEBRIS OFF THE ROOF - Many times debris can clog or block crucial water ways that drain water off the roof. Many leaks and roof damage accrue because of debris such as leaves, dirt or even other objects such as children’s toys on the roof. Cleaning debris is necessary before every season.


  • SEALING ALL ROOF PENETRATIONS -Most roofing sealants that are needed around all penetrations such as vents, pipes, roof to wall, chimney, skylights, etc need to be resealed every 2 years as changes in climate from summer to winter dry and crack the sealant over time.


  • REPLACING MISSING OR BROKEN ROOFING SHINGLES AND TILES - Over time and due to high winds, some tiles and shingles can be damaged. Replacing them with new is necessary in order to maintain the life of the roof.


  • POWER WASHING AND CLEANING COATING ROOFS - All white coating roofs need to be washed and cleaned to provide the best top coat for solar reflectiveness to sustain energy savings.


  • CLEANING OUT GUTTER SYSTEMS - Gutter systems can and will collect debris. Even with metal screens over them gutters will clog out and stop drainage. Cleaning gutters is necessary before every season.


  • GENERAL INSPECTION OF THE ROOF- While one is servicing the roof a general inspection of the roof will help see any problems before they arise. It’s a great prevention plan.


  • GENERAL MAINTENANCE - Maintenance, which is performed periodically, can in some situations extend the warranty of the roof. Reno’s roofing offers maintenance on new roofing projects which can be included at the initial proposal for the given periods stated. Reno’s Roofing also offers general maintenance for older roofing systems that still have service life left and maintenance warranty extensions as well.