Reno's Roofing sets a higher standard to offer the very best in warranties. Warranties are there to protect the owner of the property and guarantee the service life of the roofing system. At the same time, warranties can be confusing and worded to protect the company more than the individual. Below are some different warranties that apply to roofing systems:

  • Material warranty - The most basic, this warranty simply comes with the purchase of the material. In recent years, many roofing material manufactures have changed the warranty they offer for materials from 20/30/50 years to what they call limited lifetime or lifetime warranties. This warranty covers the replacement of any materials if they start to deteriorate due to manufacturing or a material defects. An example is if you install a new tile roof and within one year the tile starts to crack and lose all its color. In this situation most manufacturers will cover the cost of the new material needed but not the labor to replace the damaged tile. With that said, most roofing materials have been around a long time and the process has been perfected. Very seldom do materials go bad. All materials come with this type of warranty.


  • Labor warranty - The labor warranty is given by the contractor you have hired to do the work. Depending on the scope of work and contactor, the labor warranty can vary. This is a very important warranty. This warranty is a craftsmanship warranty that states if the project has any problems with installation the contractor is responsible for the time given. An example is if one installs a new asphalt roof with a 10 year labor warranty and the roof has a leak after 5 years. The roof contractor will have to come out and fix the leak with no additional charges to the customer. All projects should always come with a labor warranty.


  • NDL warranty - These are called “Roof System Warranties,” offered by the roofing manufacturer. They can either be “Limited” or “No Dollar Limit” type warranties. This type of warranty only includes roof leakage that is caused by defects in labor or materials. This is the very best warranty. The roof will be warrantied for any material or installation defects for the given time period by not only the contractor but also the manufacturer. An example is if a roof has a leak in year 12 of a 20 year NDL warranty but the roofing contractor who installed the roof is no longer in business, then the manufacturer will cover the repair with no cost to the owner. On all NDL warranties, the owner gets a certificate from the manufacturer and the contractor has to pass many inspections from the manufacturer to ensure a correct installation of the product. This warranty is not offered by most contractors. It is available for most roofing projects but few contractors take the time to offer it.


  • Warranties on repairs - Reno’s Roofing standard warranty for repairs is a 2 year service call warranty. A service call warranty is one in which if the leak continues we will come out and service it again for 2 years after the repair was first conducted. In most cases, the leak will be repaired on the first try. If the first repair does not work, we will come out and repair it until it does work. Reno’s Roofing will not do any repairs if it cannot be repaired and if a warranty cannot be issued on the repair.